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    We are here for you. SiteMinder is driven by customer success.

    Our hotel connectivity specialists can assist you to:

    • Increase booking revenue with wider distribution of rates and inventory.
    • Get more rooms booked online.
    • Save time with real-time automation and remove manual entry.
    • Use insights to make more powerful decisions.

    With more than 35,000 hotels customers and 300 of the industry’s top connectivity providers as our partners, today we have a presence on more than 160 countries on six continents..

    Discover why many hotels just like yours, have chosen SiteMinder to maximise revenue, increase profits and allow hoteliers tend to guests, not technology.

    Our hotel experts will be in contact with you shortly to answer any questions you may have or run through a demo of any one of our products.

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    35,000+ hotels

    We are driven by your success.

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