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  3. The world of travel is a big place that’s constantly changing. Keeping on top of competitors’ pricing, demand in your local market and attracting guests can feel overwhelming. And it’s often a struggle to find one source of truth that you can trust to be accurate.

    SiteMinder Insights gives all hoteliers a single place to access trusted, clear and actionable data on their market and performance. Giving you control and the foresight to optimise your pricing and distribution as demand fluctuates.

    Make Smarter pricing

    Make smarter and more confident pricing and distribution decisions to optimise your revenue and maximise occupancy.

    Make your prices competitive

    Free yourself from spreadsheets and save time with data you can trust, easily available from a single place.

    Foresight to beat your competition

    Have the foresight to beat your competition today and tomorrow.

    Get started

    Stay on top of your competitors from a single dashboard

    Know your competitors’ like-for-like room rates – with up to 10 competitors in a single dashboard view.

    Unlimited daily rate shopping – in real time.

    Have the integrity to price your rooms just right, to convert bookings.

    Get alerts when your competitors make a pricing move – and take decisive action to protect your revenue.

    Competitor hotel room pricing

    Convert more direct bookings with rate parity insights

    Competitor hotel room pricing

    Bring more guests direct by ensuring your hotel website offers the best deal.

    See your rates as your guests see them.

    Carefully manage your commissions on bookings via third parties.

    Don’t give future guests reason to not trust your rates by addressing any parity issues before they become a problem.

    Plan for tomorrow with historic and future data with PACE and channel performance

    Have the foresight to optimise your demand peaks and drive more business in the low season.

    Stay on track by knowing your pick up and year-on-year reservation performance.

    Learn which booking channels are working the hardest for your property and bring the most lucrative guests.

    Hotel competitive inteliigence wherever you need it

    A more intelligent platform to make you smarter and bring more guests

    Make Smarter pricing

    Our award-winning channel manager has got smarter with deep insights about the performance of your booking channels.

    Make your prices competitive

    More direct bookings from our booking engine with parity insights to always promote the best deal direct.

    Foresight to beat your competition

    Grow your business further with 100+ apps from our Hotel App Store with revenue management, guest reviews, upselling and many other areas to boost your performance.

    • “We use the reports within SiteMinder to get clear expectations of our rates versus OTAs. They very obviously show me how my rates differ across all my sales channels and give me the chance to take action.”

      The Cottage in the Wood, UK

      Read more about this case study

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